Glucometer on call plus strips 50`s

KSh 654.00

  • On call plus strips are glucose test strips used with oncall plus glucometer . One box has two tins with 25 strips each.
    • In total, you will have 50 Strips; they will allow you check your sugars for a longer
    • we recommend these On call plus strips because they are easily available hence you will not find trouble sourcing them. period. They are easy to use, and reliable because they give accurate results


For testing glucose in whole blood using the On Call Plus, On Call EZ, and On Call EZ II blood glucose meters. For self-testing and professional use. Order yours NOW at Pharmily for Quick Delivery!


How to use:

Place the strips in the slot of the meter.

Put the blood sample on the tip of the test strip.

View the results on the device display.


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